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Righteous Correction by Simon Stephens

Zipoly is just an ordinary man, but after the tragic death of his family he has to take on a whole new role, avenging the wrongs his family have suffered. After reluctantly adapting to his new life circumstances, and with a shadowy organisation forcing him into even greater changes, Zip begins a new life living on a canal boat and travelling the waterways of England. With a new identity and now in a completely new life, Zip becomes the unlikeliest of crime fighters, working as an agent for an ancient secret order. Nobody knows who he is. To the people he meets as he cruises the canals of England, he's just another guy who's chosen to live a simple life on a narrow boat. To his handlers, he is `The Kingfisher'. He does their bidding and restores the balance of justice when official means have failed. Zip finds that he is very good at his new role and succeeds where many had failed. That is, until his handlers ask him to cross a line he can, once again, never come back from... Righteous Correction?â is a gripping work of crime fiction that also raises questions about justice and vigilantism - and their relationship to the official justice system. Can one ever justify the other?

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