Practical Boating Reads

Narrowboating for Novices: Everything You Need to Know For a Successful Holiday on the UK Canal Network (4.5* / 5*)

Aimed at both the complete newcomer and those with limited experience of narrowboating, this is a combination of guide book and instruction manual, which will help readers to:

Choose which canal to explore (they’re not all the same!) Find the best maps and guides. Discover interesting places to visit near the canal. Pack everything that's necessary for the trip (and leave out things that aren't) Become confident in steering the boat, turning it around & mooring it. Negotiate bends, bridges & tunnels. Work locks efficiently, confidently & safely

Narrowboat Chef's Winter Warmers Collection (5*/ 5*)

Maggie and Ryan, along with their adorable fox terrier, Pixel, live aboard their narrowboat full time, cruising the canals of the UK and cooking delicious meals. They have compiled this selection of some of their favourite winter recipes that will keep you warm on a crisp autumn day or cold winter night. In the trademark Narrowboat Chef style, the recipes included are simple and tasty and all tested in their compact galley kitchen on board their narrowboat home, Andrea Rose.

A Beginner's Guide to Living on the Waterways (4*/5*)

Fully updated this new edition of A Beginners' Guide to Living on the Waterways covers different types of liveaboard craft suitable for canals, rivers and estuaries, and the good and bad points of the different options. It goes on to discuss practicalities such as moorings, engines (including basic maintenance and fault finding), heating and cooking, sanitation, furnishing a boat, survival tips and finances. This is a must-have guide for all those considering the alternative way of living that a boat offers, as well as those who are already there!

British Canals: The Standard History. (4* / 5*)

The first edition of British Canals was published in 1950 and was much admired as a pioneering work in transport history. Joseph Boughey, with the advice of Charles Hadfield, has previously revised and updated the perennially popular material to reflect more recent changes. For this ninth edition, Joseph Boughey discusses the many new discoveries and advances in the world of canals around Britain, inevitably focussing on the twentieth century to a far greater extent than in any previous edition of this book, while still within the context of Hadfield's original work.

Folk Tales from the Canal Side (4.5* / 5*)

Twisting and turning its way through great cities and towns is the eternal navigation: a network of canals that fed the industrial growth of our country. Nowadays we might consider our waterways a place to find peace and relaxation, but under that tranquil surface hides a turbulent past.

Storyteller and narrowboat dweller Ian Douglas has salvaged a wealth of stories from the depths. Murder and mystery, heroes and love, devils and oatcakes are all wrapped up in this wonderful book – but beware … you will never see the towpath in the same way again!