A few photos.

Two women sitting in the bow of the boat as it enters a lock.
Side view of the rear of the boat showing the name "MADDISON" and a woman entering the cabin.
Sunset scene of the bow of the boat moored up and reflections of the sky on the water.
A seat at the rear of the boat with a bacon sandwiches and brown sauce on a tray.
View acroos the top of the boat entering the Anderton Boat Lift.
Side view of the boat being steered into a lock by a man on the stern deck.
View forward along the side of the boat passing another moored boat with a cow walking on the towpath.
View from the towpath of the boat moored up in a country location.
On a rainy day the boat is passing over an aquaduct, steered by a man in wet weather jacket and shorts.
THe boat viewed from the front passing over an aquaduct.
Two people steering the boat on a rainy day.
The boat passing over an aquaduct viewed from the towpath.
The dinette inside the boat set out with wine and a meal.
Woman standing on the rear of the boat low down in a lock viewed from above.
View across the roof of the boat moored on a sunny day in a country location.